A Common Goal

Seven adventurers found themselves in Wellford to accept an escort mission for a local priestess. AT the Bronze Ass, a farmer named Kayleigh begged them to help solve the mystery of her dead husband. Since the escort mission was still being planned, they decided to investigate the murder.

They first went to the crime scene, and found boot marks and a strange greasy substance on the ground near them. The bodies were left at the scene, which betrayed Bertrum the jailer’s hypothesis about lizardfolk. Also, the fruit in the orchard had a unique glow to it. They next investigated the body, and found that it was a single slice through the throat of the victim. The strange substance showed up again, and Telemecus deciphered that it was a poisonous common forest plant. At this time, Kimbo investigated a rumor about a new wizard in town that was selling magic items for incredibly cheap prices. The wizard refused to deal with adventurers however, and would only sell some lesser items if the kenku would help him gather timber. The rest of the party went back to the orchard, and rested. During the night, they heard wolves howling, and Logud heard voices coming from the other direction. They pulled back the reigns on Rook, and went after the voices, only to find a trail leading southeast towards runberg forest. As they traversed the forest, they were stalked by some of the dire creatures within, and fought valiantly against three dire wolves and a dire bear. The bear, bloodied, roared with agony, and two Eladrin sentinels came running to the scene blowing a whistle that frightened off the bear. The Eladrin invited the group to their town to rest, and led them on a path that led through a gate to the feywild.



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