August 2011

After plenty of research and investigation, the party learned that the twins of an eladrin farmer were displeased with their council when his crops were shipped to wellford as a sign of peace. They disappeared that night, and now, years later decided to get revenge on the farmers of wellford.
Their brother tipped off the adventurers, and asked them, if it came to it, bury their bodies under one of the vrili trees that they loved so much.

The party dispatched the twins, and were seen out of town with fresh horses and the twins daggers.
When they arrived back at wellford, Olesia asked Logud to help heal a fisherman that washed ashore. The man woke for nothing, but frequently cried out. A mage from the guilded clocktower arrived who was able to travel into dreams. He offered to take any members of the party who would be willing to help this comatose fisherman.



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