October 2011

Logud and Nebula met a half-orc named scrag and an eladrin ranger named Luna.
The adventurers acquiesced to enter the dreams of an unconscious fisherman to find out what was wrong with him. In the dream, they followed the man’s fishing line to the mouth of a great cave. The trip was interspersed with images of his fiance and his close friend and shipmate. On the other side of the cave, a nightmarish aboleth was regurgitating the man’s shipmates into undead thralls. After defeating the aboleth, the man awoke and explained that his ship was indeed attacked by an aboleth sailing around the frozen tethyr far to the north.

Reports of actual Lizardfolk, began coming in from the nearby shore. The party went to investigate and were surprisingly invited into the lizards village. The tent they were brought into belonged to a “lizard wizard” named Ula. Ula offered them a drink of water from their homeland and they could suddenly understand and speak Draconic. She then explained that the chief, Grubas was a tyrant who was running their society into the ground. There were many upstarts looking to take over as lizard king, but the party backed Ula and helped her defeat Grubas and become the first Lizard Queen. Ula’s old ally Chalmithis however, tried to help Grubas and eventually fled when he realized that Grubas wouldn’t survive.

Ula asked the party to look for a place where their kind could thrive, and report back to them if they ever find it. Otherwise, the tribe will do their best to survive without conquest or pillaging.

When the party returned to town, most of the town’s buildings were burning, and the head of one of their allies was on a spike near the old lighthouse. Olesia found them and explained that Trumic the wizard had attacked the town, and fled in a great balloon. She had also rallied some of the frightened horses.



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